Park of the double-originals

Only 20 minutes from our campsite in the Dordogne, discover an original and fun park, the Parc des Doublorigènes!

A park to visit next to our 4 star campsite in Dordogne

This nonchalant arts and recreation garden is the perfect place to stroll with your family in a natural, colorful and refreshing environment. It is located at the edge of the forest of the Double in the Périgord Vert.

Initially a vast family orchard, it has gradually become a home for animals. But these two experiments did not meet with the success hoped for.

The owners then reinvested the premises and carried out various works to redevelop the land and give way to an amazing nature and its art forms integrated all along the course. These statues come from the imagination of their creators, who have attributed to them a whole mythology and a well defined universe.

Activities at the Doublorigenes Park

First of all, the park will offer you a unique moment of relaxation. It lends itself perfectly to strolling and laziness. It is the perfect opportunity to slowly observe the fauna and flora (birds, insects, flowers, mushrooms) from your deckchair.

Several cultural activities are held during the summer to the delight of visitors. Singing, dancing, theater, but also exhibitions and handicrafts are the main activities in this park.

There are many sculptures on both sides of the park. Of zoomorphic or anthropomorphic appearance, they are all unique in shape and leave room for the imagination when contemplating them.

Discover now the Doublorigenes Park for a morning or an afternoon to savor this atypical atmosphere.