The thousand and one castles of Dordogne and Perigord

Dive into the heart of the Périgord and the Dordogne to discover the numerous castles that are hidden there. You will be able to contemplate these medieval fortresses which represent an important attraction of the region and thus rest in our company, at the 4 star Dordogne campsite le Paradou.

From our Dordogne campsite visit the castles of the green Périgord

Castle of Bourdeilles

Overlooking the river Dronne, the first traces of the castle of Bourdeilles were discovered in the 12th century. Built on a rocky spur, you can find the highest keep in Périgord that you can visit during the summer season, as well as a medieval fortress dating from the XIIIᵉ century. In addition, theatrical night visits are organized.

Castle of Puyguilhem

This castle built in the XVIᵉ century is one of the best preserved castles in the Périgord. First abandoned and looted in the XIXᵉ century, the castle was later restored by the state. You can find two main buildings dating from the XVIIIᵉ century and a fireplace showing the twelve labors of Hercules. The site is open to tourists wishing to visit this architecture which hosts temporary exhibitions from time to time.

The castle of Jumilhac

Set out to discover this castle built between the XIIIᵉ and XVIIᵉ centuries, as well as its gardens bearing the themes of gold and alchemy. Since the XVIᵉ century, the castle has belonged to the Marquis de Jumilhac family but is open for tours and offers room rentals. Moreover, for those who wish to learn more about the evolution of the castle from the Middle Ages to the present day, guided tours are offered to tourists as well as night tours.

Castle of Marthonie

Marthonie Castle, built in the XIIᵉ century, was destroyed during the Hundred Years War. Located in Saint-Jean-de-Côle, it was rebuilt in the XV, XVI and XVIIᵉ centuries. This is now open to the general public, allowing visitors to follow the evolution of the castle’s construction and its exterior design.

Castle of Lasfond

Built in the XIIIᵉ century, the Château de Lasfond is located in La Chapelle-Faucher. It was partially destroyed by lightning in 1916. Even so, you can still visit a magnificent corps de Logis dating from the XVᵉ century, a stable dating from the XVIIth and the XVIIIᵉ dwelling house.

Castle of Excideuil

The castle of Excideuil saw its construction start in the XIᵉ century on a strategic location for the purpose of guarding the road between Périgueux and Limoges. Having lived a tumultuous history (wars, fires…) the castle welcomes many visitors every year. You will be able to access it free of charge in order to walk along the ramparts, in the courtyard and enjoy an exceptional view of the Loue Valley. In addition, the châtelet is now used as an exhibition hall for paintings, photos and sculptures.

Castle of Mareuil

Following the destruction of the medieval fortress during the Hundred Years’ War, the castle of Mareuil was rebuilt in the XVᵉ century. So, take the time to go there, to enjoy the richness of the place. In this fortress you can find a gothic style chapel, a main building and the old keep. In addition, a room is dedicated to the First Empire, furniture and documents that trace the history of Marshal Lannes, the Duke of Montebello and the former owners.

Discover also the main castles of Dordogne

The Castle of Castelnaud

Founded in the XIIᵉ century, Castelnaud Castle is a medieval fortress built on a rocky outcrop with a breathtaking view of the Dordogne Valley. In order to improve its comfort, new buildings were built. Later, the castle was abandoned during the revolution and in 1966 it was classified as a historical monument. Since 1985, it has been home to the Museum of War in the Middle Ages. On your way there, you will discover an important collection of weapons and armors as well as the most powerful machines of the Middle Ages.

Château des Milandes

It is in 1489 that the castle of Milandes was built. This castle is very well known because Josephine Baker (French resistance fighter, singer, dancer, actress and showgirl) lived there in the 20th century. Thus, the castle dedicates its rooms to the latter and is labeled Maison des illustres in 2012 by the Ministry of Culture. It was also at the beginning of the XXᵉ century that the present garden was created and registered as a Monument Historique. This castle overlooking the Dordogne Valley will plunge you into a waking dream thanks to its exceptional beauty, its playful activities as well as the magnificent show of birds of prey that is presented to you.

Castle of Commarque

Built between the XII and XIVᵉ centuries, this medieval castle represents one of the most exceptional sets of buildings in the Dordogne. Rich of its history and the numerous ancestors who resided there, the castle is now a place not to be missed during vacations in Dordogne. You will discover its heritage in an original way thanks to free or guided audio tours. You will be able to have fun with your family thanks to the numerous activities that are present (workshops, night visits, historical escape game…). The castle is also available for your events thanks to the room rental.

Castle of Biron

Built in the XIᵉ century, the castle was for a long time under the ownership of a large family, the Gontaut-Biron. In 1938, the ruined Maquis de Biron was forced to sell the castle. It is then that the property falls into the hands of the Dordogne department and is recognized as a Major Site of Aquitaine and classified as a Historical Monument. Go on an adventure and discover a collection of buildings with different styles, such as a XIIᵉ dungeon, a double-story chapel, apartments, impressive vaulted kitchens, a hall of states and many other surprises await you.

Castle of Beynac

Built in the XIIᵉ century, Beynac Castle benefits from a very high tower. This work was at the time for military and defensive purposes. Built on a vertiginous valley, the castle offers a panoramic view of the village of Beynac-et-Cazenac and the Dordogne Valley. Immerse yourself in the history of the castle that welcomed Richard the Lionheart, Eleanor of Aquitaine and Simon de Montfort. Thus, you will be able to make great discoveries such as its XIIᵉ century keep, the Renaissance staircase, the XVᵉ room of the States of the Baronies of the Périgord, the XIIIᵉ Kitchen and its exceptional barbican.

Castle of Hautefort

The construction of the castle of Hautefort, which began in the XVIᵉ century and ended in the XVIIᵉ century, came as a replacement for an old fortress. It represents one of the rare buildings of classical type of the Dordogne. Despite the many restoration works that took place in the XXᵉ century, the castle has nevertheless kept all its old charm. You will be able to fully enjoy the visit of the castle with the chapel, the main courtyard overlooking the boxwoods, the gardens and the park as well as the video projection room, the exhibition spaces, the summer lounge and the store.

Bridoire Castle

Bridoire Castle is a medieval castle built between the XIIᵉ and XIXᵉ centuries. On your way there, you will discover 100 traditional games which will be proposed to you in order to retrace the history of the castle in family. Many fun activities await you such as crossbow shooting, armor fitting, catapult, games of skill and reflexes, shadow theater, archery, giant chess board, 350 m goose game course, grass ski race and many others. Also enjoy a free tour of the 15 rooms and 19thᵉ century stables filled with horses and ponies.

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