Regional Natural Park Périgord Limousin

Maison du Parc La Barde
24450 La Coquille

Périgord Vert is located in southwestern France, north of Dordogne, in the Nontronnais region and Dronne Valley.  It’s beautiful sunkissed countryside is one of rolling hills and  a multitude of streams which are great for trout fishing.

In the vast forests of chestnut trees, you can still see the cabins of « feuillardiers » (lumberjacks who specialise in chesnut trees), who cut the branches of the chestnut trees into fine strips ready to be made into baskets for mushroom collecting.

The Bandiat,  Isle and Auvézère rivers run through Périgord Vert which stretches from Lanouaille to Roche-Chalais passing through St Aulaye, Nontron (capital of the knife, Périgord Vert was famous for its forges), Brantôme , Bourdeilles and Ribérac.  It is a land of mixed farming but mainly livestock farming.

A land redolent of wellness and tradition !